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Change Begins with Awareness:
The Total Wellness Index

The Total Wellness Index assesses seven dimensions of health and wellness, revealing strengths and weaknesses contributing to your overall well being.  With this insight, you will be prepared to embark on a plan of improvement, focused on those areas most likely to lead to your success.  As your coach and mentor I will work with you to develop a plan for lasting change.

The Seven Dimensions of Health and Wellness

How much do you focus on your physical health?

Do you tend to have healthy relationships?

Are you mentally present and able to focus?

Do you have a healthy state of mind?

Do you spend your day in a healthy environment?

Do you understand your emotions & the emotions of others?

Are you able to resist or tolerate the stress in your life?

Wellness Dimesions.png

Once you have enrolled in my program, you will receive a link giving you access to the Total Wellness Index assessment and instructions for completing it.  Upon completion, you will receive a report with your results that will go into detail about the seven dimensions of health and wellness. These seven areas are intertwined and each has an effect on the other areas in your overall health and wellness.  It’s important to focus on all seven attributes as an overall strategy to your health and well-being.

At the end of your report is an action plan to use as a guide in your own personal wellness development.  The first step is to go through your report to learn about your current state of health. Then go through the action plan at the end of the report to take your health and wellness to the next level. 

Change is not easy and it takes consistent and constant practice!
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